Organic and ECO-Friendly Mattresses and Bedding

At Emerald  City  Organic  Sleep Solutions, Inc. of Eugene and Corvallis we offer you all-natural and organic mattresses, beds and bedding.  Our natural rubber latex mattresses are the most organic mattresses available- no synthetic materials, no chemical flame retardants and no harmful off-gassing.

Our bed frames are made only from solid wood, and from sustainably managed forests.

Our blankets and sheets are free of both, synthetic materials, as well as chemicals- no formaldehyde or polyester fiber.   They are also fairly traded- no sweat-shop products.  We place a great value on carrying products sourced as locally as possible to help keep our dollars working for our community.

But we don't forget that a good night's sleep is what we are offering.  Buying organic is important, but an organic mattress is only good if it is also comfortable.   We believe our mattresses are the most comfortable mattresses available at any price.  To get a feel for how comfortable our bedding is, read our bona fide testimonials, of which we are very proud. 

eco-friendly bedding

This website is designed to reflect the aesthetics of our bedding boutiques in Eugene and Corvallis, Oregon.  As you can see from the buttons at the upper left, the website is organized by our product's primary natural materials.

To begin navigating this site, please click on:
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When you check the price for an item, your click takes you to a separate page with pricing and other ordering information about the product.   Click the back to product description link to return to the product information page.

eco-friendly bedding

When you choose one of our natural-fiber products, you can breathe easy all night on health-promoting organic purity.  Learn the many benefits of sleeping on organic bedding.

  Our Store and Services

Emerald  City  Organic  Sleep Solutions, Inc. has cozy retail stores in Eugene and Corvallis Oregon. Both areas are home to many creative artists and so the stores display the work of several artists along with its organic bedding. 

It also offers all its products for purchase on-line through this website.  Just call or email us with your order.

Emerald  City  Organic  Sleep Solutions, Inc. has the largest inventory of Savvy Rest natural rubber latex mattresses in the Pacific Northwest.  If you choose to order over the internet, the store's owners have lots of experience in helping folks choose the right mattress.   You can call or email the store and one of the knowledgeable and friendly owners will demonstrate why they maintain a reputation for good service.  

Emerald  City  Organic  Sleep Solutions offers you the following:

good nights sleep Here are a some good sources of basic sleep information:
the American Chiropractic Assoc.
the Better Sleep Council and
the National Sleep Foundation.

Many of our customers have multiple chemical sensitivities or allergies.   They come to us because they know we have mattresses and other bedding free of harmful chemicals and also hypo-allergenic.   Here is some information on how to keep allergens and MCS symptoms to a minimum.

If you visit our stores, we will make you feel comfortable taking all the time you need.   We understand the importance of feeling no sales pressure while you ensure that your mattress is just right.

We accept all major credit cards. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover

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