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Savvy Rest Latex Exchange Option

Exchanging Latex Layers is Easy

Within ninety days of delivery, you can exchange as many layers of latex as needed directly with Savvy Rest. This is a nice option that ensures you ultimately get the exact comfort level you desire.

We will facilitate this exchange by having Savvy Rest send the new layer to you. You can take a couple weeks to try it out in your bed. Then, once you are happy with the new comfort level, put the old layer in the same box that the new layer came in, place the provided shipping label on it, and call FedEx to come pick it up.

Not many other mattress companies make this generous an offer. The retail value of a full sheet of latex is about $600, but you pay only the cost of shipping. Shipping for a half-sheet currently costs about $85 for the round-trip, and a full sheet costs about $170.

Visit the Savvy Rest website to learn more about the exchange policy.