Futons are a space-saving option for sitting and sleeping.  They can serve as a couch during the day, and as a bed at night.  Here at ECO Sleep Solutions of Eugene, we offer about a dozen different futon frame designs, and about six different mattresses of varying natural characteristics.  Futon covers are also available in hundreds of fabric and color combinations.

One of our most popular futon frame designs is the loveseat with ottoman (full/double).  This style is also available in a chair with ottoman (twin/single) and a couch with ottoman (queen).  When made into a bed, this style requires the ottoman and its cushion to be placed at the foot of the larger seat cushion.  Then a fitted sheet is typically used to hold the two cushions together to make the entire mattress.  In other words, the mattress is in two pieces.  One piece is on the seat portion and the other piece is on the seat.  Where the two futon mattress cushions meet is down around the lower leg, and so is not very noticeable.

Another space-saving feature about our futon frames is that the ottoman frame can be folded-up and put underneath the seat.  Then the ottoman cushion can be stowed behind the backrest, leaving only the futon seat.

Organic latex makes a great futon mattress.  Latex mattresses are durable and resist taking an impression.  Another great, but pricey option is an all-wool mattress.  We have both types of futon mattress in our showroom in downtown Eugene.

Our futon frames are made of rubberwood, or parawood.  This is a stable hardwood that takes a wood stain very uniformly.  It must be kept dry so these futons are designed for indoor use.


We also have hundreds of decorative futon covers to choose from.  To protect the decorative cover, we recommend getting a mattress pad to put over the futon mattress when it is made into a bed.