One of the criteria we use in selecting the products we sell is that they be as free as possible of man-made chemicals ie: no chemical flame retardants, no formaldehyde, etc.

Here are some tips to avoid potentially harmful chemicals.  Citation is given to the great website for the tips we summarize here.

Eat food grown as locally as possible, ideally organic. Remember that pre-packaged foods may contain chemicals that leach into the food from the plastic or metal containers.  Wash all produce.

Buy grass-fed beef and dairy to avoid exposure to hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.  Especially avoid dairy products with recombinant bovine growth hormones, rBGH or rBST.

Eat fish that is wild-caught.  Farm-raised fish can have PCBs and high levels of mercury.

Buy products packed in glass bottles and not in plastic.  Plastic containers, and metal containers with plastic liners can leach chemicals into food. Even “BPA-free” plastics can leach other endocrine-disrupting chemicals into food.  Store food and beverages in glass instead of plastic.

Replace non-stick pots with ceramic or glass cookware.

Filter BOTH drinking water and bathing water.  Remember that there are three ways chemicals can get into your body:  what you eat, what you breathe and what you skin absorbs. Make sure the filter on your tub or shower can filter-out the endocrine-disrupting herbicide Atrazine (think RoundUp by Monsanto).

Vacuum floors and furniture often.  House dust is a common way to be exposed to chemical flame retardants, especially for children.

Avoid products with chemical flame retardants, especially mattresses.  Find products with natural flame retardants like wool or silica.

Avoid stain-resistant textiles to minimize exposure to PFCs.

Avoid all plastic,especially flexible varieties.

Use natural cleaning products or make your own.

Be wary of the chemicals in toiletries.  Try to find organic versions.

Look for fragrance-free products.