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Organic Cotton Sheet Care

With proper care, organic cotton sheets can provide years of comfort. But if not cared-for properly, they can develop a rough texture and have a shortened lifespan. First, do not wash and dry organic cotton sheets with any other items. Just wash them alone on the...

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Wool Fiber Characteristics

DURABILITY AND RESILIENCE Each wool fiber is a molecular coilspring making the fiber remarkably elastic. Nature has folded the chemical polypeptide chains back upon themselves in such a way that they act like a coiled spring which elongates when it is extended and...

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Air Quality & Allergen Reduction Tips

Reduce Bedroom Allergens We have had at least two families that have had good results minimizing allergy symptoms by replacing their down bedding with wool bedding. According to them, the improvement was remarkable. Down can harbor lots of allergens! Here are a...

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INEFFICIENT RECYCLING Recycling programs are one of the biggest wastes of time and money as well as human and environmental resources.  These programs offer no substantial long-term benefits.  Even the short-term benefits go mainly to politicians, PR consultants,...

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