Jim was very responsive to questions and customizing beds for us to try. With masks, our own clean sheet, and lots of space, it felt like responsible pandemic shopping.


COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

If we have any symptoms of cold or flu, we will not come to the store.  We ask you to please not come to the store if you have symptoms of an illness.
We will implement all reasonable measures at our store to keep everyone safe while shopping for an organic mattress, including social distancing.
We take all necessary measures to ensure our products are free of virus contamination.

We allow one individual or family unit into the store at a time.  Please wear a mask.  If you don’t have one, we will give you one of ours made from organic cotton.  If you are waiting outside, please practice social distancing.
Freshly sanitized sheets and pillow cases are used to cover each mattress the customer tries.  After each customer, the sheets are immediately placed into a sealed plastic bag for sanitizing.

We wear cloth respiratory masks while assisting customers.
We wash or sanitize our hands before and after assisting customers.
We will keep our distance as much as possible.
Our electronic point-of-sale equipment is sterilized with alcohol or disinfectant wipes in between each customer.

Unfortunately, our mattress removal service has been halted because of extra risk associated with removing used mattresses in terms of COVID-19, as well as bed bug cross-contamination.