COVID-19 Update Aug. 10, 2021
This morning our Board of County Commissioners which also serves as our local Board of Health unanimously approved an Emergency Public Health Advisory requesting the assistance of all individuals, businesses, and employers in wearing masks in indoor shared public spaces regardless of vaccination status due to the current unprecedented surge in COVID cases within Lane County.

As store owner/operators, we have both (Donna and Jim) been fully vaccinated for about a month now.  Nonetheless, we will wear masks when helping customers

We have futons in the front of our store, and mattresses in the rear of the store.  If one customer is already here testing mattresses in the rear of the store, a second customer can wait comfortably in the front of the store, if they wish.

Our point-of-sale area will be kept disinfected, and if you don’t see us use hand-sanitizer before assisting you please help remind us.

We use a freshly washed sheet to cover mattresses each customer tries.  After each customer, the sheets are placed into a sealed plastic bag for re-washing.


Jim was very responsive to questions and customizing beds for us to try. With masks, our own clean sheet [provided], and lots of space, it felt like responsible pandemic shopping.