Sleep quality can be improved by using some of the principles of Feng shui.  Credit is given to Lissa Coffey of the Better Sleep Council.  Visit their website to learn even more about getting quality sleep.

Feng Shui
Feng shui is ancient Chinese practice that helps make spaces harmonious and peaceful.  What more important a space could this be applied to than the bedroom, where we spend most of our time.  One third of our life is spent in the bedroom sleeping.  It should be considered the most important room in the house in which to foster positive energy, called Chi, that is enhanced by Feng shui.

Comfort is Key
Feng shui recognizes the importance of a comfortable bedroom.  Keep the temperature on the cool side as this promotes better sleep.  Use good window treatments that can block out all light when needed. Use a comfortable mattress.  Get the best natural fiber mattress you can afford and try to avoid ones containing chemical flame retardants.  Bedding is important too.  Choose soft fabrics that are comfortable on your skin and breathe.  Blankets should be soft and warming.  Use muted colors.  Sheets should be of a natural fiber.  Organic cotton or organic linen are probably best.  Pillows are important and should match your sleeping style- thinner and firmer for back sleepers and thicker and softer for side sleepers.  Don’t have too many pillows on the bed.

A bedroom near the rear of the house is ideal.  It is less affected by noise and activity.  Sleepers also feel safer with the extra privacy provided by the out-of-the-way location.  Avoid having a bedroom over the garage or kitchen.  Smells, heat and noise may interfere with sleep.  Don’t have a bedroom that is below active areas either.  TV’s, footsteps and other activity may hurt sleep.

Strive for harmony between room size and bed size.  Younger people can be happy on twin extra-longs, while most adults need full or queen size beds.  According to Feng shui, don’t use split foundations under the mattress, else disharmony may result.

The bed should occupy the most commanding position in the bedroom.  It should have a clear view of the bedroom door so that you know when something enters your bedroom.  Usually this means putting the bed on the other side of the room but not directly in front of the door.  It should have the same space to the left and right so that each partner can get out of bed with the same ease and the room feels balanced.  However, the bed should not be under a window.  A window is a gateway from the bedroom to the outside world.  Energy, noise, light, wind, scents and shadows can all filter through the window and interfere with Chi.  Be sure to have the bedroom lighting within reach of the bed to help increase your control of the space.  Keep lights soft in color and low in intensity when possible.

Keep clutter minimized so that Chi can circulate freely through the room including under the bed.  Don’t store items under the bed frame, or put your bed directly on the floor.  Keep work-related or exercise-related items out of the bedroom.  Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep and sex only.  Allow Chi to flow freely by keeping only the essentials in the bedroom.  At night, keep all doors and windows closed to block smells and sounds.  Open the windows and doors during the day to encourage fresh air to enter.

In terms of color it’s helpful to choose soft, natural and relaxing colors. Avoid bright colors.  For wall décor, choose artwork that is peaceful, pleasant and gives you a pleasant feeling.  Keep electronics out of the bedroom.  Mirrors should be avoided for the most part, but one on the back of a hinged closet door is acceptable.  Round or oval mirros help Chi flow best and the shape symbolizes continuity.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house in which to foster positive energy.  And the mattress should be considered the most important piece of furniture in the house.  What other furniture can affect how you feel each day?  A good night’s sleep is critical for a positive mood and good daytime energy.  By implementing some of the concepts of Feng shui in one’s bedroom, the Chi circulation in the room can be enhanced, which will then help you have more vital energy as well.