Have you ever seen a mattress warranty that is void if a mattress has stains?  Have you ever wondered why?

Some think that not being able to return a mattress for a refund is not in the consumer’s interest.  But there are at least two good reasons for consumers to be glad about it.

First, not accepting returns helps keep the cost down.  For instance, if a store’s markup is say, 50%, then what they buy for $100 is sold for $150, and the store makes $50.  But if a mattress is returned, then the store loses $100.  The store must then sell two mattresses ($50 profit each) to offset the return of one mattress.  So you can see why returns drive prices upward, all other things being equal.  But this scenario only applies to stores that do not resell their returned mattresses.

So secondly, and maybe more importantly, many states allow returned mattresses to be resold after they are sanitized.  Some states, like ours, are very vague on what is required to sanitize the mattress, or even how a sanitized mattress can be identified by the consumer.  Federal law simply states that a used textile must “bear[s] a stamp, tag, or label approved by the Commission indicating in words plainly legible that it contains reused stuffing.”  Some, but not all, states require that a resold mattress has a different color tag than one made from new materials.

So when you see that a store accepts returned mattresses, check their warranty.  If the warranty coverage is void if the mattress is stained, that could be a sign that the store wants to sterilize and resell the mattress and a stain will make that more difficult or impossible.  Therefore, be careful when buying from stores that allow returns, and especially those that void their warranty if the mattress is stained, as you may be unknowingly buying a returned mattress.

At ECO Sleep Solutions, we are unable to accept returns. Allowing returns would require us to spray our products with chemicals in order to “clean” and resell them, harming the purity of our natural materials. Allowing returns would also put pressure on increasing prices. We thank you for your support and understanding.