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The Benefits of Wool

Natural and organic wool bedding helps provide a deep and restorative sleep because wool helps maintain your natural body temperature and also wicks away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable through the night. Being hypoallergenic, wool also naturally repels dust mites and inhibits the growth of other allergens such as bacteria, mold and mildew. Most of our wool bedding is made of certified organic wool or Eco-Wool. Learn more here about amazing near-organic Eco-Wool. Because wool is naturally flame resistant, wool mattresses, mattresses with a wool-wrap and other wool bedding have the ability to meet flammability requirements naturally, and therefore have absolutely no chemical flame retardants added. Wool has natural loft that allows it to remain springy, even after years of use.



Hand-Made “Duet Opus I” by Cedar Caredio and Stephen White, $3,750

All Wool Mattress Shepherd’s Dream Brand
All-Wool Mattress
Twin          $1,495
Twin XL    $1,590
Full           $1,800
Queen      $2,185
King          $2,795
Cal. King   $2,795

Eco-Wool Futon Mattress

ECO Sleep Solutions showcases the all-wool futon mattress by Shepherd’s Dream in its Eugene, Oregon showroom.  Containing exceptional quality Eco-Wool, this five-inch-thick futon-style mattress consists of ten layers of thick wool batting covered with a soft and non-scratchy Eco-wool textile. It will compress about 10% during the first 6 months of use, but will not continue to pack-down further over time like cotton will.  Wool’s natural loft prevents compacting. With proper care, this futon mattress will last for several decades. The Eco-Wool mattress is resistant to mildew, dust mites and other moisture-related problems because wool evaporates moisture extremely quickly.   Wool has many other great properties including the ability to keep you dry and comfortable all night.

Hand-Felted  “Lupinus” by Tylar Merrill, $235

wool topper
Holy Lamb Brand
Deep Sleep 2″ Wool Topper
Twin        $409
Twin XL   $429
Full         $499
Queen    $559
King        $669
Cal. King $669

wool topper
Holy Lamb Brand
Ultimate 3″ Wool Topper
Twin        $499
Twin XL   $509
Full         $629
Queen    $699
King        $849
Cal. King $849

Eco-Wool Batting Mattress Topper

Add extra softness to any mattress with a Holy Lamb, hand-made Eco-Wool, mattress topper.  Inside the organic cotton ticking are layers of thick Eco-Wool batting.  This natural-fiber topper is available in a plush two-inch version called The Deep Sleep topper.

The Eco-Wool batting topper is also available in a sumptuous three-inch-thick version (50% more wool than the Deep Sleep topper) called The Ultimate Sleep topper (shown).  With a soft, pillow-like feel, you will experience the very finest in all-wool sleeping comfort.

Every day we love it more. I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is to crawl under your wool cover. What a spectacular reward for the day!!!
Leslie and Harvey

Thank you for your understanding and extra excellent customer service.  I’m looking forward to many comfortable nights.

fleece topperHoly Lamb Brand
Fleece Topper
Bassinet     $99
Crib        $209
Twin        $334
Twin XL   $354
Full         $554
Queen    $594
King        $774
Cal. King $774

Eco-Wool Fleece Mattress Topper

We have in-stock, Eco-Wool fleece mattress toppers by Holy Lamb Organics. These are extra dense lambs-wool toppers minus the sheepskin. Instead, the wool is sewn directly to an organic cotton backing. With this humane construction, you get to avoid the chemicals used to tan the hide, and the sheep get to keep their skin.

Our best-selling topper, it provides a plush sleeping surface while also protecting your mattress.

Fleece is therapeutic for those who spend a lot of time in bed, or are prone to bed sores. This topper may also be helpful for those with fibromyalgia. It is incredibly healing, breathable and great for circulation.

Machine washable, gentle, with special instructions.

first of all: the people at Eco Solutions are the very best…..they are helpful, informed and search out the greenest products available………I tried out the wool mattress topper at a Eugene home show many years ago….I knew that when I replaced my very old, now rock hard cotton futon that this would be my choice! I am thrilled with my new wool mattress and topper…….solid sleep!……do not hesitate! it’s worth the money……think how many hours you spend sleeping and how much money you will spend replacing lesser quality……………because they now offer financing I went ahead and ordered the organic Coyuchi sheets…….I have since washed them in cold and dried on cool…….PERFECT!……………..bottom line: zenith quality is worth the money!


Hand-carved bench by Cedar Caredio, $2,000

Wool PadHoly Lamb Brand
Mattress Pad/ Moisture Barrier
Puddle Pad   $59
Crib           $109
Twin          $214
Twin XL     $214
Full           $274
Queen      $314
King          $374
Cal. King   $374

Eco-Wool Moisture Barrier

To protect your mattress, we carry, in-stock, beautiful Holy Lamb brand Eco-Wool mattress pads. These top-quality mattress pads help keep your mattress dry and clean. Protect your mattress investment with a natural-fiber mattress pad of equal quality. Wool mattress pads provide the best protection of any natural material. To get better protection one would have to use vinyl or some other synthetic cover. The wool mattress pads are available in crib-size too.


Just want to tell you the wool comforter arrived and I was very pleased with the quality. The Coyuchi duvet cover I bought to go over it is perfect too. Waiting for some cooler weather to enjoy it all. Thanks for everything!

Hand-Thrown Tea Set by Annie Heron $250

wool comforterHoly Lamb Brand
Wool-Filled Comforter
Twin              $389
Full/Queen   $459
King              $499

Wool Comforter

Hand made using organic cotton sateen fabric. The inside the sateen fabric is premium Eco-Wool. Hand stitching around the entire perimeter and tufting throughout keeps the wool in place. They are comparable in terms of warmth and weight to a high-quality down comforter.  Wool allows better air-flow than down, so you don’t get over-heated.  And unlike down, no animals have to die to produce the product.

The entire perimeter is hand-stitched and these wool comforters are soft, lightweight and very cozy.

Machine washable gentle, with special instructions.


We also carry duvet covers

Light Sculpture “25th Parallel” by Stephen White, $1,500

Pendleton BlanketsPendleton Brand
Eco-Wise Wool Blankets
Twin        $149
Queen    $219
King       $249

Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blankets

Pendleton natural wool blankets have been made here in Oregon since 1863. Not only are these wool fabrics richly colored and delightful to touch, but they are also created to leave the lightest impact on earth. In particular, Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool passes strict standards of sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. The Eco-Wise blankets shown here are one hundred percent virgin wool, have non-toxic finishing and are machine washable.

Unlike most apparel manufacturers, Pendleton is a vertically integrated company. This means that it performs all the manufacturing steps, from start to finish, for many of its products. Raw wool is processed and made into fabric. Some of the fabric is constructed into beautiful blankets. Vertical manufacturing gives Pendleton the advantage of monitoring every step of the production process to maintain a quality and value through close attention to detail and high efficiency.

These blankets are Pendleton ECO-Wise blankets. They are certified Cradle-to-Cradle. This means the inputs are carefully screened for toxicity, biodegradability and other criteria. Pendleton has a strong commitment toward making quality blankets while protecting the environment.

Hand-Carved “Water Spirit” by Cedar Caredio, $2,250

Holy Lamb Brand
Wool-Filled Pillow
Standard  $119
Queen     $139
King         $145

Holy Lamb Brand
“Woolly Down” Pillow
Standard        $139
Queen           $159
King               $179

Eco-Wool-Filled Pillows

An Eco-Wool pillow has fantastic properties. It is nearly as soft as goose down and has a more consistent density. Because wool wicks away moisture it also helps you stay dry and comfortable. It also stays free of dust mites, mildew and other moisture-related allergens.  This type of pillow is one of our softest.

All of our wool pillow casings are made of certified organic cotton and the wool fiber inside each pillow has been processed gently at an organic mill and contains no chemical residue at all.

The Holy Lamb brand Eco-Wool Sleep Pillows come in three different sizes. They also come in Body-Pillow sizes.

The Holy Lamb brand Adjustable Wool Pillows are a comfortable and unique pillow filled with very small tufts of Eco-Wool. This pillow is very malleable which makes it a great pillow for those who shift between side sleeping and back sleeping. The zippered case lets you remove some tufts to lower the height, or add tufts to increase the height.

Standard size pillows are kept in-stock.  Queen and King sizes can be ordered.

A belated thank you for taking the time to make a house call last week to check my mattress. I appreciated your thorough inspection and thoughtful process of finding a creative solution. All this took time and you did not rush. Thank you for such understanding and your exceptional service. I look forward to hearing from you when the next step presents itself.