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Bed Frames, Foundations, Slats, Coir, & Kapok Pillows

Savvy Rest Bed Frames

Savvy Rest
Afton Bed Frame
(Made of Maple with Choice of Finish)
Size         Price
Twin         $  1,075
Twin XL    $ 1,075
Full           $  1,175
Queen      $  1,225
King        $  1,425
Ca. King  $ 1,525
Prices Include Stained Finish.

Savvy Rest
Esmont Bed Frame
54″ Headboard Height
(Maple with Choice of Finish)

                 Bed Frame    Headboard
Size              Price             Price     
Twin          $1,729           $   979
Twin XL     $1,729           $    979
Full           $1,979           $  1,029
Queen      $2,079            $ 1,129
King         $2,399            $ 1,179
Ca. King  $2,449            $ 1,179
All Prices Include Stained Finish.
Deduct $50 for 42″ Headboard.

Great service.  Great new bed.  Thanks!


Savvy Rest offers hand-built, beautifully-made natural platform beds to suit any décor. Hand-built in their Central Virginia wood shop, and featuring a variety of zero-VOC finishes, Savvy Rest natural platform beds blend modern design with old-school mortise-and-tenon joinery for optimal strength and durability. The result? Stylish, eco-friendly furniture that’s made to last for generations.

The maple frames and poplar slats Savvy Rest uses in their furniture is responsibly sourced and certified sustainable by Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.

The Esmont bed frame has options for either a slatted headboard or a solid headboard, each with two heights to choose from.  In addition, the headboard can be purchased alone.

available stains

Available Finishes on Savvy Rest Bed Frames
Left to Right: Linseed, Cedar, Mahogany, Walnut

Thank you very much for making the time to reply to some questions. Your answers were right in line with much of the research I’ve been performing on the Internet confirming the reasons why I gravitated to the Savvy Rest. Digging into the depths of the Savvy Rest website exhibits the convictions and beliefs of the company.
I’d also like to thank you for being a company that believes honesty and integrity toward helping improve the lives of people using your products is more important that marketing hype. I’m positive once we have our new mattress, we’ll be steering friends and family in your direction.


Esmont Bed Frame

Alternate: Esmont Bed Frame with no Space in Headboard

    Savvy Rest FoundationSavvy Rest Brand Foundation
(This price only available when shipped with a mattress)

Size          5 or 9 Inch
Twin             $   650
Twin XL        $   650
Full              $ 1,095
Queen         $  1,095
King            $ 1,300
Ca. King      $ 1,350

Savvy Rest Brand
Platform Bed Insert
(metal bed frame not included)

Size       5 & 7 Inch    9 Inch
Twin        $649       $699
Twin XL   $649       $699
Full          $749        $949
Queen     $749         $949
King        $849       $1,049
Ca. King  $849       $1,049

Mattress Foundation & Platform Insert

We carry a platform bed insert and an organic mattress foundation, both by Savvy Rest.

The platform bed insert functions like a foundation.  However, it costs less than a foundation, and has more height options.  The insert is also designed to ship more economically than a foundation because it can be disassembled for shipping.  Being assembled also allows for a one-piece, king-size foundation as well as the ability to get it through narrow hallways with sharp turns, just like their component, organic latex mattress.

The organic foundation consist of an extra-sturdy, untreated pine frame covered with the same organic cotton and wool casing found on their mattress.  The foundation can provide a matched-set look, and their slatted foundations are specially designed to provide valuable air circulation to the latex foam mattress. The Savvy Rest foundation is designed to be supported by a bed frame.  It is available in a standard nine-inch height or a low profile five-inch height. A king size foundation comes in two pieces.

If you have a bed frame that normally accommodates a box spring, a foundation or insert simply replaces the box spring. The foundation and insert come in all standard bed sizes. A new foundation enhances the performance, life-span and comfort of the mattress. Consider that if your old mattress is worn-out, then so is its foundation, and money spent on a foundation will extend the life of the mattress.

This place is fabulous! My partner and I had been mattress shopping for almost a year. We have two different softness/firmness preferences, would like to avoid an off-gassing mattress from conventional materials, and are sometimes sensitive to heat (so memory foam didn’t sound good) or waking up from one of us moving at night and the mattress bouncing (the firmer the mattress, the more the bounce translates). I was also wary because I used to sell organic mattresses and had one for the last 10 years and was unaware that the newer ones are far superior than what used to be available. After extensive research we realized the modern latex beds sold here might be just the ticket. My partner went by and just got some basic info and pricing. He appreciated the open and easy conversation at the store, and the environment. He asked how to approach testing the mattresses and got their advice. We then went back that weekend to do our testing. I had read that laying 10 minutes on each mattress is the minimum to test it, and that means 10 minutes in each position so you can see if any sore points develop, so we made time. The latex mattresses we looked at here come in three layers. This has been amazing as we can change the layers for our soft/firm preference now and over time, and even flip the layers for a half-step change in firmness. The prices feel steep for it seems we will get what we pay for, and their prices are very competitive so we felt good about our purchase; plus they’re a local business; plus they have a 90 day swap out policy which is very helpful. I think they have other customer protection policies too. They give us a 10% discount on everything and threw in a set of Coyuchi sheets! They also had frames there built by Pacific Rim Woodworking. This is our second handmade gorgeous maple frame at a good price. We quickly went back for a wool mattress pad. Even after all that testing we did, and feeling like we were “sleeping on clouds” like my partner said, I still found my side a bit soft. I wrote Donna and she had great ideas. I learned a bit more about how the mattresses work and was able to flip and switch layers easily on both sides. My partner was thrilled; I was almost there but did feel like I needed a slightly firmer one. Donna helped me understand the swap-out policy and how much time I had to figure everything out (plenty), then brought me a new slightly firmer layer when I finally said that’s what I wanted. Highly recommend!


bed rug
Savvy Rest
Bed Rug/Coir
Twin        $165
Twin XL   $165
Full         $205
Queen    $215
King        $235
Cal. King $255

I feel better when I wake up then I felt when I went to sleep. With my personal history of back problems and injuries, this is a new experience.


Bed Rugs/Coir

Coir (pronounced “coyer”) is an amazing natural fiber used for centuries overseas for bedding. It is made from the husks of coconuts. Rubberized coir, the type we sell, has a coating of natural rubber latex to help augment its natural properties and to hold it together in one-inch-thick mats. Coir is especially great for bedding because it is endowed with these valuable properties:

  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • It has natural breathability and promotes ventilation
  • The surface is always dry. Moisture is driven away and evaporated quickly
  • It does not harbor dust mites or other allergens
  • It does not breed harmful bacteria
  • The latex coating increases its elasticity and water repellency
  • It is washable
  • It is heat resistant
  • It is a natural insulator
  • resistant to damage by saltwater (or perspiration)

black man sleeping
Rest easy with non-toxic bed frames

kapok pillow
Savvy Rest Brand
Organic Kapok Pillow
Standard  $135
Queen      $145
King         $165
Body 15″  $239
Body 17″   $249
Body 20″ $259

Organic Kapok Pillows

Filled with silky, organic kapok, this pillow offers luxurious softness and malleability.

  • Kapok is a buoyant natural fiber (from seed pods of the ceiba tree).
  • Kapok is a great alternative to down.
  • Pillow is overstuffed so you can remove fill and create your own personalized fit.

Standard size pillows are kept in stock.  Queen and king sizes can be ordered.

My husband and I drove 2 hours to purchase our bed here! Picking it out in the store was fun and a breeze with their helpful knowledge and suggestions. We both look forward to our bed each night now, with no back pain any longer! We are very happy, and thoroughly enjoy the mattress and the whole experience!