Bona-Fide Testimonials

Omg I’m obsessed!!! This store is AMAZING! Aside from offering a very niche product (non-toxic bedding is surprisingly hard to come by); it is just so welcoming and beautiful and Jim is the best! He is patient with my constant questions and answer each one! They switched over the bed layers without complaint. The quality of the product is amazing, and they will definitely be our source of pillows and bedding in the future.


December 2016

We received wonderfully friendly and flexible service from ECO Sleep Solutions. We ordered the all wool futon mattress, then added a mattress topper to it. It is heavy enough to hold conventional sheets, not drum tight, but comfortably. We wondered whether the bed would be too firm, but are sleeping quite comfortably. I am a 130 pound side sleeper, and my partner is twice that size and sleeps as much on his back as his side. We both sleep well, even when the dogs join us.


July 2017

Having done research on the best quality latex mattress for us (Savvy Rest) we then visited equally respected ECO Sleep Solutions. We arrived at their nice store with several questions and to try the many mattress combinations. Donna expertly answered all our questions, patiently guided us through all the various bed densities and explained the policies of the ability to exchange the mattress components after trying our choices at home. So happy we found ECO Sleep Solutions.


May 2017

Eco Sleep Solutions did a fantastic job with educating us and helping us with selecting and caring for the mattress we purchased. They walked us through selecting the layers, organizing them, and testing them in store. Communication during the delivery process was excellent, they stuck to the schedule they communicated, even delivered and set up before the day before the eclipse.
Very positive experience, friendly service, would recommend for anyone looking for a new mattress or bed.


August 2017

When I first went into the Eco Sleep Solutions store I was only planning to test the adjustable bed frame I found top rated on the Internet. However they just happened to have my dream-frame and the price was extremely competitive with what I had researched, so I bought it. Besides having top rated products and competitive pricing the customer service is superb. They delivered and set up the bed within the time frame they said and I am very happy with my purchase. I also am pleased there is a small business locally that I can support and if any problems arise in the future I have a local advocate to help me deal with it. Highly recommend.


December 2016

My wife and I bought a California King with the Dunlop layers. Our biggest selling factor was its lack of toxins. It’s got zero toxic substances! Our other selling factor was the comfort. This bed is amazingly comfortable. I feel like a million bucks every morning, thanks to my restful sleep. We also like that one side of the mattress is firm and one side is soft. Fits each of our needs perfectly. I like that we can have two separate firmness’s without having a gap between each side is awesome. Lastly the customer service was great. Eco Sleep epitomizes what I envision good service to be. Very knowledgeable, not pushy at all. They are the kind of people I can picture being friends with. Thanks Eco Sleep Solutions!!!!


January 2015

Talk about knowledgeable! My girlfriend and I went in there to get new sheets. We thought that the higher the thread count the better the sheets- we couldn’t have been more wrong! Donna took the time to explain how all of the sheet processes works. We felt some of the sheets and they were seriously amazing! We bought some Sateen sheets at the maximum of 300 TC. Without a doubt the most comfortable sheets I’ve ever felt. The real selling point was when we felt the same sheets on a showroom pillow. They were 5 years old- and felt so much softer than when they were brand new! I didn’t even think sheets could last that long. The fact that these sheets are some of the most organic, environmentally friendly sheets around is just icing on the already delicious cake. I’m going to tell everyone about this place!


December 2014

Our in-store experience was exceptionally low-pressure and informative. Subsequent follow-up was excellent and we really
appreciated the care and attention during the set-up process. All in all, a terrific product and great service!


March 2017

We returned 3 years after we initially “bumped” into ECO Sleep Solutions. We remembered the positive impression Donna and the mattresses had made on us. Donna answered more questions, offered knowledgeable information, and happily reconfigured the latex layers so we could try them out. We are now the happy owners of a Savvy Rest bed and adjustable base. We are very pleased, and look forward to future care and service from Jim & Donna should we need it.


April 2017

Jim and Donna are just lovely. They are both so knowledgeable and easy going. I had so many questions and they took the time to answer all of them with such patience and insight. My husband and I never felt pressured to buy, but are so glad we did. We love our Savvy Rest mattress. We would not be happier with the experience at Eco Sleep Solutions and would highly recommend them to anyone.


April 2017

Slept in [my adjustable bed] for the first time last night and it was wonderful! The “kids” were confused with the vibration but, cuddled up pretty well on their side of the bed. With head, body and foot raised there wasn’t much room for them in the dip on their half. I let it go to flat at about an hour before I had to get up and, true to form, my body chose to turn onto my right side causing some discomfort as usual. So, that adjustable feature of it really helped me get a good night’s rest. Sort of like a giant recliner! Making it up yesterday was a snap with the ability to put that fitted sheet on while the mattress was in the full reclining position. No more recliner! Hooray!! Love that under bed lighting!!!


October 2018

Donna was very helpful at the store, explaining the unique type of mattress they sell and the different layers. We tried them and decided on a type that worked for us. We were told about the wait time for orders because the mattresses are made to order with different layers of foam. The delivery and setup went well. The men were professional (even took off their shoes when they entered our house) and efficient. They explained the layers and how we could change them around (we got the split layers so we could try different configurations). They were very efficient and courteous. I like supporting a local business and environmentally conscious products that are made in the US. I like that there is no off-gassing from the natural latex foam in the mattress. And I like the support and comfort of the mattress.

Sept ’16

Tim and Karen

September 2018

This place is fabulous! My partner and I had been mattress shopping for almost a year. We have two different softness/firmness preferences, would like to avoid an off-gassing mattress from conventional materials, and are sometimes sensitive to heat (so memory foam didn’t sound good) or waking up from one of us moving at night and the mattress bouncing (the firmer the mattress, the more the bounce translates). I was also wary because I used to sell organic mattresses and had one for the last 10 years and was unaware that the newer ones are far superior than what used to be available. After extensive research we realized the modern latex beds sold here might be just the ticket. My partner went by and just got some basic info and pricing. He appreciated the open and easy conversation at the store, and the environment. He asked how to approach testing the mattresses and got their advice. We then went back that weekend to do our testing. I had read that laying 10 minutes on each mattress is the minimum to test it, and that means 10 minutes in each position so you can see if any sore points develop, so we made time. The latex mattresses we looked at here come in three layers. This has been amazing as we can change the layers for our soft/firm preference now and over time, and even flip the layers for a half-step change in firmness. The prices feel steep for it seems we will get what we pay for, and their prices are very competitive so we felt good about our purchase; plus they’re a local business; plus they have a 90 day swap out policy which is very helpful. I think they have other customer protection policies too. They give us a 10% discount on everything and threw in a set of Coyuchi sheets! They also had frames there built by Pacific Rim Woodworking. This is our second handmade gorgeous maple frame at a good price. We quickly went back for a wool mattress pad. Even after all that testing we did, and feeling like we were “sleeping on clouds” like my partner said, I still found my side a bit soft. I wrote Donna and she had great ideas. I learned a bit more about how the mattresses work and was able to flip and switch layers easily on both sides. My partner was thrilled; I was almost there but did feel like I needed a slightly firmer one. Donna helped me understand the swap-out policy and how much time I had to figure everything out (plenty), then brought me a new slightly firmer layer when I finally said that’s what I wanted. Highly recommend!


January 2018