Organic Cotton Bedding

organic cotton plant

Organic Cotton Benefits

Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton is:

  • grown naturally without the application of pesticides and other chemicals that may harm farmers and the local environment
  • never genetically modified
  • processed without formaldehyde, which is commonly found in wrinkle-free, permanent press, or easy-care fabrics
  • supporting responsible non-toxic farming
  • preventing chemicals from leaching into nearby water sources and ultimately entering the body. Learn more.

Here is some basic information about cotton manufacturing.
For good information about organic clothing please visit Trusted Clothes.


Light Sculpture “Homage to Van Gogh” by Stephen White $750

coyuchi organic sheetsCoyuchi Brand Sheet Set*
Organic Cotton Percale 220tc
Crib        $28**
Twin      $148
Full       $178
Queen  $198
King      $248

*Set= fitted sheet +flat sheet + 2 pillow cases
**crib is for one fitted sheet only

Coyuchi Brand Organic Cotton Sheets

Only certified organic cotton is used in Coyuchi’s bedding.  It has received the United Nations Second Annual Fashion Industry Award for Environmental Excellence. Coyuchi’s cotton seeds are never genetically engineered. They control insects in their cotton fields by encouraging good bugs to eat bad bugs. Chemical fertilizers, herbicides or other pesticides are never used, and Coyuchi’s fields are weeded by hand. Coyuchi is firmly committed to fair-trade practices.

Inspired by nature, Coyuchi designs bed linens with a simple style that is enriched by subtle textures, rich colors and refined details. The result is a sophisticated, relaxed and beautifully appointed bedroom.

They take expert care to ensure that everything that bears the Coyuchi label is produced and processed to the strictest environmental standards in safe and humane conditions, from the farm to the factory to the store and to your home.

Mosaic “Happy Valley” by Annie Heron, $100

coyuchi organic cotton mattress padCoyuchi Brand
Organic Cotton Mattress Pad
Crib     $128
Twin     $158
Full       $198
Queen  $248
King      $298

Mattress Pad by Coyuchi

100% organic cotton, inside and out, Coyuchi’s mattress pad sets the perfect foundation for your organic bed. Finished with two-inch quilted squares and a 220 percale covering. A deep 15 inch pocket with full elastic around the bottom for an easy fit on plush mattresses while protecting the mattress sides too. Free of chemical finishes and flame retardants, GOTS certified.

A mattress pad will extend the life of your mattress by helping to fend off spills, stains, sweat and skin oils. Coyuchi recommends washing your mattress pad monthly.

Machine wash cool and dry at low-temperature.

Talk about knowledgeable! My girlfriend and I went in there to get new sheets. We thought that the higher the thread count the better the sheets – we couldn’t have been more wrong! Donna took the time to explain how all of the sheet processes works. We felt some of the sheets and they were seriously amazing! We bought some Sateen sheets at the maximum of 300 TC. Without a doubt the most comfortable sheets I’ve ever felt. The real selling point was when we felt the same sheets on a pillow. They were 5 years old – and felt so much softer than when they were brand new! I didn’t even think sheets could last that long. The fact that these sheets are some of the most organic, environmentally friendly sheets around is just icing on the already delicious cake. I’m going to tell everyone about this place!


Felted “Moonlight Forest” by Tylar Merrill, $375

organic cotton comforterCoyuchi Brand
Organic Cotton Comforter
Twin              $248
Full/Queen   $298
King              $348

Cotton Comforter by Coyuchi

Made from organic cotton, this sateen, mid-weight comforter is cozy, warm and breathable. Choose from three classic colors.  Double box stitching adds subtle detail and keeps the organic cotton fill evenly distributed so there are no cold spots or clumping. All-organic-cotton construction makes it easy to care for, too.

100% organic cotton is grown and woven in India.

Machine wash cool and dry at low-temperature.

The cover is SO FABULOUS!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much we love it!!!!! What a pleasure this whole transaction was. My sincerest thanks,


Quilted “Greener Pastures” by Lybi Thomas, $200

organic cotton blanketsCall for Pricing
Available in crib, twin, full/queen and king

Thanks, Donna and Jim, for all your friendly and earnest efforts to make sure everything about our purchase is just right! I’ve never seen any store owners as invested in caring about the happiness and well being of their customers as you two are. The product is great and you are the frosting on the cake! I recommend your store and your products to anyone who wants a great night’s sleep. and a very pleasant shopping experience along the way.


Blankets by Coyuchi

Organic cotton blankets do a lot more than keep you warm. They provide comfort, making you feel safe, relaxed, pampered.

The most versatile piece of bedding available, organic cotton blankets can be layered above your sheets, folded at the end of the bed, thrown over the arm of the couch or wrapped around your shoulders. There are many types of blankets to choose from, including quilts, comforters, coverlets, and throws. Which one you need depends on what you want from a blanket.

To choose the perfect blanket, consider your expectations. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need lightweight loft or heavyweight heft?
  • Do you want your blanket to match your favorite sheets or add a pop of color to white or neutral sheets?
  • Do you prefer a blanket with lush drape or is soft, simple warmth your main priority?
  • Do you want a blanket that fits your bed exactly or would a larger size fit your needs better?

If you like textured blankets, you have many options. From Jacquard loomed blankets with deep texture, thicker matelassé blankets to the soft nap of chenille blankets all offer warm style that feels as great as it looks.

Temperature is also an important consideration when choosing the right blanket . We’ve selected the best natural fibers to accommodate a variety of personal preferences and seasons. Alpaca, wool and linen are natural insulators, so they keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. A wool and cotton blanket delivers the same benefits, and provides an extra layer of comfort. If you have sensitive skin, an organic cotton blanket or organic cotton comforter will likely make you the happiest.

You’ll know you found the perfect blanket, if your bed looks warm, inviting and hard to resist every time you pass your room.


 Detail of painted silk shirt by Lybi Thomas, $50

Futon Covers by Cotton Belle

We have hundreds of fabric swatches in our store from Cotton Belle. Come in and see and touch the sample fabric for your futon cover or other project.
Follow the link to visit Cotton Belle and see all the available fabrics and patterns.  They have cotton, hemp, blends and more.  See the chart below for pricing.

Futon Cover Price Codes

                             B         C         D        E

Twin                   $160   $185   $227  $300
Full                     $190   $227  $275   $365
Queen                $237   $280  $347  $475
Twin Chair
  w/ Ottoman     $221   $265   $310  $412
Full Loveseat
  w/ Ottoman     $280  $352   $427  $577
Queen Loveseat
  w/Ottoman      $329   $389  $462  $645

 Felted Hats by Tylar Merrill, $120

Organic Cotton Towels by CoyuchiCoyuchi Brand “Air Weight”
Organic Cotton Towels
                        Normally      Now
Wash Cloth       $ 8          $ 4.80
Guest Towel     $16          $ 9.60
Hand Towel     $18          $10.80
Bath Towel      $48          $28.80

Organic Cotton Bath Towels by Coyuchi

Because they are woven, and not terry-cloth, these Air Weight bath towels are absorbent, soft and fast drying. They will get you plenty dry, but will also dry fast when hanging on the rod or put in the drier.

Coyuchi organic bath linens are made with the same quality, care and fine detail as their organic bedding. Their Air Weight towels are loomed from pure organic cotton, in colors drawn from earth, water and sky. Soft and thirsty, they’re designed to dry quickly on the towel bar and in the dryer. Twill woven for softness and drape, these medium-weight towels wash easily and dry quickly. A rolled self-hem helps them hold their shape wash after wash. The cotton is 100% organic, and sourced and woven in India.

Air Weight towels come in four different sizes, bath, guest, hand and wash cloth.


Our in-store experience was exceptionally low-pressure and informative. Subsequent follow-up was excellent and we really appreciated the care and attention during the set-up process. All-in-all, a terrific product and great service!