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New Hours

Current Hours of OperationAs of March 30, 2023 OPEN:Friday      9am - 7pmSaturday 9am - 7pmSunday    9am - 7pm We regret any inconvenience our shorter hours may cause you.  ECO Sleep Solutions25 E. 8th Ave.Eugene, OR 97401(541)...

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Pillow Use Suggestions

  Pillow Use Suggestions Selling organic and natural fiber pillows for ten years has given us insight on some good tips for using a pillow. First, match the pillow to your mattress.  The same pillow that works well on a firm mattress may not work as well on a...

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Nap Time Tips

First, try taking a nap in the early afternoon, but not too late else it can interfere with your nighttime sleep. According to The National Sleep Foundation, a calm and peaceful environment is conducive to napping. So is a moderate to cool temperature.  Suppress noise...

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Mattress Flame Retardant History

In 1953, the US Government started to recognize the hazards of flammable clothing with the Flammable Fabrics Act.  This law was enforced by the Federal Trade Commission ( and focused on the flammability of interior furnishings and apparel.  It did...

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Burning Characteristics of Fibers

From More Flammable to Less Flammable cotton/linen Burns with a hot, vigorous flame, light colored smoke, and leaves red glowing ember after flaming stops. Does not melt or draw away from the flames. rayon/lyocell Burns similarly to cotton and linen, except that it...

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Good Morning

RISE AND SHINE! Doesn't that sound great?  Or do you hit the snooze button and pull the covers over your head? Ideally, when we're getting all the good sleep we need, we wake up naturally before the alarm even goes off.  Yet, sometimes it's a struggle.  If you'd like...

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