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Free Delivery

A Reminder- Free Local Delivery. We offer free local delivery and set-up of most items.  Orders can be placed by phone and if the item is in-stock, we can usually deliver it the same day. "Local" to us is 50 miles.  Beyond that we can still deliver for $75 each...

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RV and Camper Mattress Upgrades

Recreational Vehicle and Camper Mattress Upgrades! Custom-sized mattresses are available for RVs and campers. Upgrade your RV or camper mattress! Choose from four, seven or ten-inch-thick organic latex for your recreational vehicle. Here is an drawing of one we are...

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New Hours

We are now closed Sunday AND Monday, and open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm

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Pillow Use Suggestions

  Pillow Use Suggestions Selling organic and natural fiber pillows for ten years has given us insight on some good tips for using a pillow. First, match the pillow to your mattress.  The same pillow that works well on a firm mattress may not work as well on a...

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Nap Time Tips

First, try taking a nap in the early afternoon, but not too late else it can interfere with your nighttime sleep. According to The National Sleep Foundation, a calm and peaceful environment is conducive to napping. So is a moderate to cool temperature.  Suppress noise...

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Mattress Flame Retardant History

In 1953, the US Government started to recognize the hazards of flammable clothing with the Flammable Fabrics Act.  This law was enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (https://www.ftc.gov/) and focused on the flammability of interior furnishings and apparel.  It did...

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