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Our organic latex mattresses contain only organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton- nothing more.

Emerald City Organic Sleep Solutions, Inc. is an organic bedding boutique that has been located in downtown Eugene since 2009.  We specialize in organic latex mattresses, organic cotton sheets, wool bedding, and solid-wood bed frames.

Supporting the arts is also important to us, so we display the work of six local artists in our store.

Our products are ideal for those with chemical sensitivities.

Please help keep our store fragrance-free!

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Organic latex mattresses are the most natural mattresses available- no synthetic materials, no chemical flame retardants no harmful off-gassing and they also resist dust-mites and other allergens.  Ours can be completely customized for firmness on each side of the mattress.

Wool toppers, mattress pads and comforters help keep you dry and comfortable and night.  Wool can wick moisture away (evaporate it quickly) and is also hypoallergenic.  And dust mites can’t live in wool!

Organic cotton bedding is easier on Mother Earth.  It is also free of formaldehyde and other chemical finishes. Choose from percale, sateen or flannel sheets.  Or a beautiful double-stitched comforter.

Our bed frames and other bedroom furniture are made right here in Eugene.  Choose from cherry, maple, birch, beech or oak- all solid wood. Classic designs. No particle-board or MDF.

We know that a good night’s sleep is what we are offering. Because while buying natural and organic bedding is important, it is only worthwhile if it helps you sleep better. We believe our mattresses and bedding give you the most comfortable and sound sleep you can get at any price.

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PRJ CraftsmenSold Wood Bed Frames made in Eugene

Serenity Organic Latex Mattresses
No Chemical Flame Retardants!

Organic and Natural Fiber Bedding

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Why Choose ECO Sleep Solutions?

Our organic latex mattresses are the most health-promoting mattresses available.  They contain no chemical flame retardants, no synthetic materials and no man-made chemicals.  That means no worrying about harmful off-gassing and latex mattresses resist dust-mites and other allergens.

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Organic Bedding

Why Sleep Organic?

For most people, one answer is to avoid unnecessary exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. There are three ways that your body can absorb toxins from the environment:

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ECO Blog

Check out the latest happenings and information from ECO Sleep Solutions of Eugene.


We will be closed from March 14th through March 25th

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RV and Camper Mattress Upgrades

Recreational Vehicle and Camper Mattress Upgrades! Custom-sized mattresses are available for RVs and campers. Upgrade your RV or camper mattress! Choose from four, seven or ten-inch-thick organic latex for your recreational vehicle. Here is an drawing of one we are...

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Pillow Use Suggestions

  Pillow Use Suggestions Selling organic and natural fiber pillows for ten years has given us insight on some good tips for using a pillow. First, match the pillow to your mattress.  The same pillow that works well on a firm mattress may not work as well on a...

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Your magic has worked! I am enjoying a comfortable bed that I look forward to at night. Thank you for your patience and understanding, allowing me the time I needed to decide. And thank you for the home visits and expert advice so I could decide. Your customer service is exceptional.