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organic cotton flannel

Coyuchi’s Organic Cotton Flannel

After years of sourcing and testing, and probably miles of fabric, Coyuchi has created a totally amazing organic cotton flannel.  It feels unbelievably soft, resists pilling and meets and is GOTS certified. This flannel is from the Ave River Valley of Portugal, where their textile tradition stretches back for centuries.   People who have tried Coyuchi’s Cloud Brushed describe it as “substantial and cozy,” “deliciously warm” and simply, “heavenly.”

What is Flannel?

Flannel used to refer to a woolen fabric, but nowadays flannel usually means cotton fabric that’s woven from thick yarns and brushed. Flannel is thicker than percale and sateen, and has a velvety surface that feels warm to the touch, even when you first slip into bed.  It traps body heat to help you stay cozy all night long. Many variables affect the quality of flannel in terms of how it feels initially and also how it performs over time. Not all flannel is created equal. Coyuchi has spent a lot of time and energy in pursuit of the perfect flannel for our sheets, pajamas and robes.

Good, Better, Best

Coyuchi’s Cloud Brushed flannel begins with the best quality, 100% organic cotton, loomed in a strong, plain weave and then brushed several times, on both sides. This creates the plush surface, or “nap”, that makes Coyuchi’s flannel so luxuriously soft. It also reduces pilling without the use of chemicals, so Cloud Brushed flannel looks and feels incredible for a long time.

Flannel is woven with a heavy weft construction, so fabric weight—not thread count – is the gauge of quality. Coyuchi’s flannel is a hefty six ounces, making it exceptionally durable, with a lush drape and wonderful warmth.

During the winter months, Could Brushed Flannel is the perfect layer of toasty, breathable comfort under a duvet or blanket. It’s great on its own for the chilly nights of fall and spring.

Caring for Coyuchi Flannel

We recommend that you wash your Coyuchi flannel before its first use because it will shrink to size. Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent.  We don’t recommend fabric softener for any fabric, but especially not for flannel, as it can cause the flannel to pill. Tumble on low, removing it from the dryer as soon as dry.  It is very important to dry on low heat, as high heat or over drying will make any flannel feel stiff.  Expect to see some lint the first time you wash flannel, as some of the surface fibers that were loosened in the brushing process are shed. Over time, through use and proper laundering, the nap will shorten, become a more natural and organic surface, and will resist pilling and stay soft and cozy for years.

ECO Sleep Solutions now has Coyuchi’s flannel sheets in stock.  Come in to the store and feel the amazing softness of Cloud Brushed Flannel.