Natural Rubber Latex

Organic latex is a natural and renewable resource that is tapped from living, organically grown, rubber trees.  The trees are grown in Asian plantations for the specific purpose of producing natural and organic latex. and they live-out their natural lifespans while doing so.  The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) organic certification ensures that rubber plantations as well as processing units up to the final retailer are certified according to the organic standard.

All natural latex is processed under one of two methods of production.

The dunlop method is the original way latex was invented, and is the only type of natural rubber latex that can have organic certification. Dunlop latex is a closed-cell foam with high-density.

The talalay method of production uses more technology, and produces a softer and more lively-feeling foam.  Although it cannot have organic certification at this time, VITA talalay made by Radium Foam is arguably just as pure as latex made by the dunlop method.  The talalay process produces an open-cell foam with less density than dunlop. Because the production is more involved, talalay latex usually has a higher price than dunlop latex.

But a shopper must take care. The term “latex” is nearly meaningless. But some companies will use the term latex because their foam is the less expensive and lower performing synthetic latex.  Some companies also blend natural rubber latex with synthetic latex ingredients to help lower the cost.  So be wary if only the word “latex” is used.  Even the phrase “natural latex” only means that the foam mattress contains at least 60% natural ingredients. And the “natural” part may include inexpensive fillers such as chalk, clay and ash. So look for the phrase “natural rubber latex” or “organic latex”. These specific phrases, when used correctly, mean that the foam will not contain any synthetics, fillers or blends. At ECO Sleep Solutions of Eugene, Oregon, our brands only use organic latex.  This means they are as gentle on Mother Earth as they are healthy for you.


Organic Latex Mattresses

At ECO Sleep Solutions of Eugene, Oregon we have seven different Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified and natural rubber latex mattresses in our showroom.  Our mattresses are the best because:

  • they are free of chemical flame retardants and other man-made chemicals
  • no off-gassing
  • they are made via sustainable processes
  • they are the most long-lived mattress money can buy
  • they conform easily to your body shape, which reduces pressure-points
  • they are supportive, which helps keep you body in proper alignment
  • they are allows good air circulation, which helps keep you comfortable and dry all night
  • they are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • they resist dust mites, mold and mildew

But most importantly, organic dunlop latex and natural rubber talalay latex have a very comfortable and supportive feel, unmatched by any other material. There’s no mistaking the feel of a natural rubber latex mattress. Come in to our store and try one for yourself!

Nature's Embrace Encore THE ENCORE, 8″
Twin        $1,300     Queen     $1,990
Twin XL   $1,420     King        $2,560
Full         $1,750     Cal. King $2,750

Nature's Embrace Latex Mattress THE TEMPO & TIMBRE, 6″
Twin        $1,130     Queen    $1,740
Twin XL   $1,215     King        $2,350
Full         $1,500     Cal. King $2,500

Nature’s Embrace Organic Latex Mattresses

Family owned and operated, Nature’s Embrace has been hand-making natural mattresses for more than 30 years.  Like all our organic mattresses, these have an organic cotton cover with natural wool quilted inside (this natural alternative to flame-retardant chemicals is sometimes called a wool-wrap).  ECO Sleep Solutions’ organic bedding showroom in Eugene has three organic latex mattresses by Nature’s Embrace:

The Encore is 8″ thick and medium-soft
The Tempo is 6″ thick and medium-firm
The Timbre is 6″ thick and extra-firm

All models consist of two-inch layers of organic dunlop latex. A layered design has a better feel than a solid core of latex.

These models can be placed directly on a platform bed frame, or on top of a foundation/box spring. See the Nature’s Embrace Foundation Pricing.

Serenity Latex Mattress THE SERENITY, 10″ W/ DUNLOP
Twin        $1,999     Queen    $3,099
Twin XL   $1,999     King        $3,799
Full         $2,799     Cal. King $3,899

Tranquility Latex Mattress THE TRANQUILITY, 7″ W/ DUNLOP
Twin        $1,699     Queen    $2,499
Twin XL   $1,699     King        $3,299
Full         $2,399     Cal. King $3,399

Savvy Rest Brand, Organic All-Latex Mattresses

Of all Savvy Rest dealers in the Pacific Northwest, ECO Sleep Solutions of Eugene, Oregon has the largest selection of Savvy Rest mattresses in its showroom. Savvy Rest organic latex mattresses are made of all certified organic materials. So not only is the organic dunlop latex certified by GOLS, but the cotton ticking and the wool-wrap (takes the place of flame-retardant chemicals) are both certified organic by GOTS.  Savvy Rest all-latex mattresses can have your choice of organic dunlop or natural rubber talalay latex.

Savvy Rest’s all-organic-latex mattresses, the Serenity and the Tranquility can be customized for firmness on each side of queen sizes and larger. In addition, each side of the mattress can be adjusted separately for firmness. Plus Savvy Rest allows customers to exchange latex layers for those of a different density during the first 90 days of ownership. These great features ensure that your mattress will be perfectly comfortable for the differing needs of you and your sleeping partner. Each sleeping partner will love having their own choice of comfort.

Savvy Rest’s natural latex organic mattresses are made with layers of soft, medium or firm latex foam rubber. The Serenity has three layers of your choice and the Tranquility has two layers of your choice. The Layers can be dunlop or talalay.

Are you tired of mattresses that develop a body impression in less than six months? The Savvy Rest warranty specifically guarantees that the natural rubber latex mattress will not sag nor take a significant body impression for twenty years.

We also sell organic innerspring mattresses by Savvy Rest.

We also sell an all-wool mattresses by Shepherd’s Dream.


bed rugSavvy Rest
Bed Rug/Coir
Twin      $129   Queen      $179
Twin XL $129   King          $199
Full        $169  Cal. King   $219

Bed Rugs/Coir

Coir (pronounced “coyer”) is an amazing natural fiber used for centuries overseas for bedding. It is made from the husks of coconuts. Rubberized coir, the type we sell, has a coating of natural rubber latex to help augment its natural properties and to hold it together in one-inch-thick mats. Coir is especially great for bedding because it is endowed with these valuable properties:

  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • It has natural breathability and promotes ventilation
  • The surface is always dry. Moisture is driven away and evaporated quickly
  • It does not harbor dust mites or other allergens
  • It does not breed harmful bacteria
  • The latex coating increases its elasticity and water repellency
  • It is washable
  • It is heat resistant
  • It is a natural insulator
  • resistant to damage by saltwater (or perspiration)

We promote its use in several ways. First, it is used inside some of our organic mattresses.  They use coir where other mattresses use cotton batting. Cotton batting retains moisture, provides little or no ventilation, and so is a haven for dust mites and other allergens.

We promote coir as a layer of ventilation when customers wish to keep their mattress directly on a solid surface like plywood, flooring, or other substrates that do not provide adequate ventilation.

We also recommend coir as a way to reduce the firmness of futon-style mattresses. It can be placed underneath a very firm futon mattress to provide extra cushion.

We strongly suggest that when coir is in direct contact with a mattress that a layer of natural fabric, like cotton, be placed between it and the mattress. An old sheet can be used. Otherwise, it may stain the mattress and may also abrade the mattress because the coir is rough-textured.

Our coir is made of one-inch-thick layers. In some situations, two layers may be suggested.

Twin        $699     Queen       $999
Twin XL   $699     King        $1,299
Full         $949     Cal. King $1,349

organic dunlop topperNATURE’S EMBRACE COTTON W/ DUNLOP
Twin        $430     Queen    $600
Twin XL   $450     King        $720
Full         $530     Cal. King $720

Cotton and Wool Topper          NATURE’S EMBRACE
Twin        $540     Queen    $790
Twin XL   $560     King        $970
Full         $710     Cal. King $970

Natural Rubber Latex Mattress Toppers

Natural rubber latex toppers are the most long-lasting and compression-resistant toppers available. Natural rubber latex is known to be highly resistant to taking a body impression. No need to rotate or flip the topper. You can get 20 years of comfort from your latex topper. And although a topper’s main purpose is to soften an overly-firm mattress, it can also firm-up a mattress that is too soft as long as the mattress is not sagging.

We have two organic latex toppers by Nature’s Embrace and one natural rubber talalay topper by Savvy Rest in our showroom. The Savvy Rest Vitality Topper has an organic, knit cotton casing with a two-and-a-half inch thick layer of soft natural talalay latex inside. Talalay latex is extra soft and very good at reducing pressure points, which makes it very useful for side-sleepers. This topper can give the firmest mattress a plush, cozy-soft sleeping surface.

The Nature’s Embrace toppers have a two-inch layer of organic dunlop latex available in either a soft or medium density. They also sport either an organic cotton cover or an organic cotton with wool cover. These are designed to add an extra layer of comfort to any mattress.  Visit ECO Sleep Solutions of Eugene, Oregon and try all three!




Baby Crib Mattresses

ECO Sleep Solutions, Inc. of Eugene keeps in-stock the Savvy Rest organic dunlop latex crib mattress. This wonderful organic latex mattress is made from five-inch-thick, firm organic dunlop latex. It has an organic wool and organic cotton casing, just like the full-sized Savvy Rest natural rubber latex mattresses.

Here is a positive testimonial about Savvy’s organic latex crib mattress from a couple’s website titled Young House Love.

We also have for baby organic cotton crib sheets, wool mattress pads, puddle pads, wool crib comforters and organic cotton crib blankets.

Many consumers are aware that toxic chemicals in the home, including those in mattresses, bedding, sofas and other furniture, are dangerous to one’s health. Chemical flame retardants have been linked to cancer, obesity, infertility and developmental brain disorders. Along with other unsafe chemicals in synthetic foams and textiles, they off-gas into indoor air and degrade into easily-ingested dust particles. Exposure to these compounds has resulted in unprecedented levels in our bodies, with children carrying the highest load. Nontoxic, natural latex foam mattresses and sofas without flame retardants offer a healthful alternative.

latex pillowSAVVY REST BRAND
Standard     $109
Queen         $119
King             $139

Standard     $109
Queen         $119
King               n/a

Shredded Latex Pillow

Standard       $99
Queen         $109
King             $129
Body 17″      $189
Body 20″     $199

Natural Rubber Latex Pillows

Just as a reminder, natural rubber latex is a plant-based material. You can feel confident that it a good place to rest your head every night. We carry natural talalay and organic dunlop latex pillows by Savvy Rest, among others.

Having the right pillow is nearly as important as having the right mattress. And it is important that the pillow “match” the mattress and your sleeping style. In general, a softer mattress requires a lower pillow than a firmer mattress. Another basic consideration is that side-sleepers tend to need higher pillows than back-sleepers. So when you come into ECO Sleep Solutions of Eugene, Oregon to pick out your pillow, test it first in the position you normally sleep in using one of our mattresses that most closely resembles your own mattress.

Latex pillows provide great comfort and support. We have them in a “soap shape” a “contour” shape, and also in a shredded style. The organic dunlop style tends to be medium density, while the natural talalay is soft. The shredded latex pillows have the ultimate in malleability and are also adjustable in height.