Unlike an innerspring mattress, which contains an interior support structure, a latex mattress has no such support.  A latex mattress relies solely on the platform, or foundation for its support.  A foundation is different than a box spring.  A foundation will have a fairly rigid top surface, while a box spring will have its top surface softened by coil springs inside the unit.  A foundation is appropriate for a latex mattress, while a box spring is not. A latex mattress needs a rigid support that is very flat, with no sagging or uneven surfaces.

Ideally, if one is using a foundation-style bed frame, then one should buy a new foundation along with a new mattress.  A new foundation enhances the performance, life-span and comfort of a mattress. Consider that if your old mattress is worn-out, then so is its foundation, and money spent on a foundation will extend the life of the mattress.

If one is using a platform-style bed frame, it MAY be able to be re-used, depending on the slat construction.  Typically, the slats should be no more than about three inches (3”) wide, with no more than about two and a half inches (2.5”) of space between each slat.  This specification applies to both platform beds and slatted foundations.

A good slat system will have slats all the way from head to foot, and will have every slat supported equally, usually with a cross-member supported on either end by the headboard and footboard.

If the mattress will be placed on the floor or a solid sheet of wood or similar material, but sure to use a ventilation layer under the mattress, such as coir, between the mattress and its support, else condensation can form and cause mildew to grow.

In Summary:

  • Use a foundation or platform bed-frame for your latex mattress, not a box spring
  • Use slats, or else use a ventilation layer, like coir, between the mattress and its foundation
  • The slats or foundation must not sag nor be uneven
  • Ensure each slat is supported, ideally by a cross-member that is part of the bed frame
  • Ensure the slats span the entire bed frame from head to foot
  • Slats should be no more than three inches wide with no more than two-and-a-half inches between them
  • Do not use mattress directly on floor without at least an inch ventilation layer underneath