organic sheets

With proper care, organic cotton sheets can provide years of comfort. But if not cared-for properly, they can develop a rough texture and have a shortened lifespan. First, do not wash and dry organic cotton sheets with any other items. Just wash them alone on the coolest temperature possible. Washing them with rough-textured items like jeans will damage them. Dry on a lower setting such as permanent press and remove them immediately when dry. Regular cotton sheets have chemicals added to keep them from wrinkling, but organic cotton sheets do not.  So fluff them out on the bed for a few minutes to let them relax before folding. Also, it is important to rotate the usage. Don’t wash and use the same set of sheets week after week. Instead, alternate them with another set so each set will have a resting period.

Store your folded sheets in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Sheets should be allowed ventilation while being stored; cotton is a natural fiber that benefits from fresh air. Avoid storing your bedding containers that will trap in moisture and lead to mildew.

A little more attention to their use and care, as mentioned above, and the wrinkling can be minimized. The softness and feel that results is worth every bit of the extra care they deserve.